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Alconbury Hill Kennels and Cattery WHY CHOOSE US? 

We are passionate about looking after cats and dogs – we love them! 
Unlike some catteries and kennels, we don’t over-book or crowd our pets, so we make sure we have time to exercise, play and cuddle pets in our care as much as possible. Animals staying with us can exercise for at least 2 hours a day – some other establishments offer just 30 minutes a day! 

 Diary of a dog staying at Alconbury Hill Kennels and Cattery  

7:00am All dogs are woken up and taken for a lead free play session in our securely fenced individual exercise areas. This allows them to do their ablutions, run about and socialise with other dogs without any physical contact with other dogs to eliminate the risk of any dog disagreements!! 
Whilst they are exercised we check and refresh any bedding, hose out, scrub and disinfect their kennels and runs, top up water and put down their breakfast and dispense any medications if required. Once the dogs are fully energised we place them back in their runs so they can eat and then relax. 
Early lunch time each day, all dogs have a one on one TLC petting and playing session in the exercise areas for at least ¾ hour. Then they are returned to their kennel and left with a treat to nap if required for the afternoon. 
Dinner is served at around 4.00pm and each dog is left to fully digest their evening meal for an hour before their evening exercise sessions commence once again for a good ¾ hour. 
The kennels are checked throughout the day for any mishaps that may occur and if any dog kennels require cleaning again. 
Prior to bedtime, most are able to watch the beautiful sunsets we get on top of the hill. Depending upon the time of the year; 7:00pm in the Winter and 8:00pm in the Summer, the dog’s hatch doors are closed to retain the heat in their sleeping area and they are put to bed with lights out. 

 Diary of a cat staying at Alconbury Hill Kennels and Cattery  

8:00am All cats are woken up and their cat chalet fully cleaned, disinfected and beds refreshed, plus a quick cuddle or two. 
Breakfast is served and we dispense any medications /injections if required. 
Around 11:00am each cat has a one on one cuddle and stroke session, a few prefer not to but all are encouraged to. 
Then everyone is left to nap and rest
5:00pm Dinner is served, again any medications administered and chalets refreshed and of course more cuddles offered. 
Depending upon the time of the year, lights are out between 7:00-8.00pm. 
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